Enabling Customer Success
Going the extra mile

We recognise that our clients don't just look to us for high-quality content. They also need us to be on hand to support them in a variety of ways that ensure they are extracting the maximum value from their investment in our services. Our best-in-class customer success team, dedicated account managers, economists and industry experts and technology specialists across the world help our clients to make the most out of EMIS.

Client onboarding

Onboarding support

During the onboarding stage, our client support representatives will walk you through how to efficiently operate and navigate the EMIS platform. With intelligence on company data, industry research and data, M&A information, country data and news, it is important for us to ensure that all of our users know how to find all of the information that they need.


Our client success team and subject matter experts are on hand to respond immediately users' enquiries 24/5 by email or live chat. We provide support in English and local languages in Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Polish.

API support

Our client support representatives will be on hand to explore the functionality and advantages that our API solution could present for you.

Client training

EMIS Academy

We develop bespoke training workshops based on the specific requirements of our clients. Users benefit from direct access to product experts as well as continuous online learning assets.

Training Resources

The EMIS platform hosts tutorial videos that help users to navigate and better understand the platform, tools and features.

On-going support with finding data and information.

Dedicated Account Manager

Our account managers ensure users make the most out of the EMIS platform through scheduled training sessions.

“As the Head of Customer Support at EMIS, I am driven by our mission to empower businesses worldwide with valuable insights from emerging markets. With our 20 offices strategically located across the globe, we are committed to delivering exceptional support and fostering long-term partnerships. Our success lies in the success of our clients, and we remain dedicated to exceeding their expectations every step of the way.”

Anna Sparavier

Head of Customer Support