For Financial Services

EMIS helps financial services clients gain critical and timely intelligence on ASEAN markets, where such information can be hard to get and even more difficult to rely upon.

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Investment banks

EMIS empowers investment banks with comprehensive insights and trends in ASEAN and other world’s fastest growing markets to make informed investment decisions and identify lucrative opportunities

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Commercial banks

Credit, risk, and relationship teams on commercial banks leverage EMIS' vast intelligence to assess the economic stability and growth potential of companies on emerging markets, facilitating risk management and strategic planning. EMIS provides a comprehensive private company database for ASEAN and other world's fastest growing markets, including hard-to-get financial information, particularly for non-listed companies, that combine with local news and global research provides commercial banks with an insider point of view

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Insurance companies

EMIS' expertise and reliable information on ASEAN and other fastest growing markets enable insurance companies to form a market overview and deliver analysis to their customers to do business with confidence in those markets. EMIS’ company and financial data, in addition to sector reports and news from trusted local and global sources, support insurance companies’ predictive protections and solvency reports to mitigate the risk their clients could be exposed to.

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