Leveraging AI to transform content into insights
Actionable business insights are facilitated by EMIS’ artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities

EMIS is at the forefront of leveraging AI and Machine Learning to address our clients’ key challenges and provide them with actionable insights to make informed decisions, seize opportunities, and stay ahead in ever-changing markets.

Reduce the risk of missing crucial data

Uncover key insights from large volumes of data

Accelerate the identification, processing and sharing of content

Empowering our users with AI-Driven technology

EMIS enables the discovery of genuinely new insights through our Machine Learning and AI-driven approach. Our technology works to uncover trends and issues that might otherwise remain hidden within such a large repository of multi-lingual, multi-source content.

Uncover signals from non-traditional news outlets

To ensure users don’t miss any key signals, EMIS meticulously monitors and curates over 230,000 non-traditional, public content sources, such as blogs, online business news, and websites from the open web across 195 countries, and provides trustworthy, concise AI-generated business articles in English, including the link to the original local source.

Identify trending topics

To save time and avoid information overload for our clients, we have implemented our Text Analytics Solutions to perform near real-time scanning of EMIS news sources to pinpoint key signals and hidden trends in industries or markets that are happening all over the world.

Improved relevance from advanced data classification

At EMIS, we aggregate and enrich millions of documents each year by using hundreds of machine learning models for data annotation. This content classification approach ensures that users receive relevant, up-to-date content, saving them valuable time and effort in sourcing and analysing data from various sources manually. For example, users now have access to specifically clustered ESG content.

Content personalised to your interests

EMIS provide its users with personalised content recommendations based on their previous searches within the platform. By understanding user behaviour patterns, the recommendation system can suggest relevant content that aligns with each users' specific interests and needs.

Enhanced company information

We employ generative AI algorithms to extract, clean, and structure company information from diverse sources, eliminating manual efforts and reducing errors. This automation streamlines the information retrieval process and empowers users with ready-to-use company insights, enabling informed decision-making in ASEAN and other world’s fastest growing markets.

Faster and better data Discovery

EMIS' machine learning-powered search solution facilitates data discoverability by providing users with comprehensive and precise search results. Our search understands user queries, analyses their intent, and offers relevant search suggestions, ensuring users can find the information they need, even when dealing with vast and complex datasets.