EMIS for M&A and Investment

EMIS helps M&A and Investment professionals to uncover and screen business opportunities in ASEAN and other world's fastest growing markets by providing detailed and reliable industry, company and deals intelligence through a single platform aided by analytical tools.

Are you able to find opportunities in your target markets?

Do you have the detailed company information to build an investment case?

Are you able to stay on top of your targets and portfolio companies?

EMIS can help you to:

Scan industries and find suitable targets

Get up-to-speed on your targets' industry with best-in-class global and local sector research.

Identify investment opportunities

Identify companies that match your investment criteria with powerful screening tools.

Access private company data

Gather detailed company financial and corporate structure information to start to build an investment case.

Optimise company valuations

Assign a potential valuation to a target based on financial data and similar past deal information.

Monitor your investment portfolio

Stay on top of developments for your targets and portfolio companies with news-driven alerting.

EMIS: a one-stop award-winning intelligence platform

Multi-sector, multi-country industry research from renowned global providers and niche local sources.

Detailed profile and financial information for more than 11 million private companies.

An extensive ASEAN and other world's fastest growing markets M&A deals database to assist in valuations.

Insights and alerts for your portfolio generated by machine learning and AI technology.

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What our customers say

Evercore Partners

"EMIS has proven to be a one-stop shop for some of our most interesting industry research questions. The ability to see multiple sources is extremely helpful. EMIS has added a reliable platform for us to search for niche industry data we normally would not be able to find. EMIS has provided key industry metrics that our clients need."

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What our customers say

What our customers say

Novastone Capital Advisors

"EMIS has given us access to global and local industry reports as well as Eastern European company data. Through EMIS, we were able to gain industry insights around the globe, as well as find suitable target companies in the Eastern European market. This allows us to evaluate potential targets more effectively"

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What our customers say

What our customers say

Santander Bank Polska S.A.

"EMIS is an essential tool for running a business. It saves time, increases efficiency and is an invaluable source of knowledge, plus it is constantly evolving by offering new functionalities. We particularly value the high quality of service, commitment and openness to adapting the offer to the customer's needs"

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What our customers say