EMIS for Sales and Marketing

The GDP growth and foreign investment is attracting huge opportunities in ASEAN and other world’s fastest growing markets. But creating and executing a successful commercial strategy in markets that are often opaque isn't easy.

Do you have the information you need to build your Total Addressable Market?

Do you understand your target customers and sectors to maximise revenue opportunities?

Do you need the data to integrate seamlessly with your own systems and workflows?

EMIS can help you to:

Explore market potential

Assess your total addressable market with a broad and deep database of ASEAN and other world's fastest growing markets' companies.

Better identify business opportunities

Generate accurate target lists with screening tools based on detailed filtering.

Effortlessly Integrate and Manage Data

Export data seamlessly into Excel or your CRM system or connect data directly via an API. Allow data to be refreshed automatically and continuously through Excel add-in technology.

Stay informed on competition and market trends

React quickly to markets dynamics and adjust your plans accordingly. Get customised alerts on targets and sectors of interest through AI-driven monitoring tools.

EMIS: a one-stop award-winning intelligence platform

Company data from the best local sources in developing countries where data is hard to get.

Search and screening tools to create target lists which can be refreshed and updated whenever you wish.

API technology for seamless integration with your CRM and marketing systems.

News and alerting tools to track key market and company developments affecting your clients and prospects.

Build and review your commercial strategy to maximise growth. Learn more about our solution for Sales and Marketing teams.

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What our customers say


"We use the EMIS database when we need to identify potential customers, or to supplement our information with company data. Thanks to the screener tool, we can easily create a list of entities of interest, with a great deal of detail."

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What our customers say

What our customers say


"EMIS is a fundamental tool to develop new business with our clients."

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What our customers say